For the new project, Fersa carries out an investment of more than four million euros at its plant in Zaragoza.

Fersa Bearings has signed an agreement with Daimler for which it becomes an official supplier of bearings for truck axles of models such as the Actros. The bearing manufacturer will thus be the official supplier for Mercedes Benz truck axles at its Kassel plant.

For this project, Fersa has carried out an expansion and adaptation of its plant in Zaragoza (Spain). In total, the company expects to make an investment of more than four million euros.

«Fersa’s firm commitment to product innovation, intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation have been the key elements for Daimler Germany to choose the Spanish manufacturer over other alternatives in the international market,» said Fersa.

The new line, which increases the capacity of the factory by 20%, has been designed with the most advanced technologies of Industry 4.0, being able to model a self-powered digital twin that, in real time, facilitates continuous optimization of process.

During this, more than 20 different variables of the final set are measured and reported and linked to the DataMatrix code of each piece. All this allows Fersa to perform a complete and trend analysis for its control by using big data techniques, as they explain from the school.

«For Fersa is an important step in the commitment to the manufacture of high precision bearings, with a complex product and a high responsibility.» With the Daimler Germany project, Fersa Bearings expands its extensive experience with OEM customers «, conclude from the firm .