On March 16 the campaign begins with a renewed light and sound system

The Dinópolis de Teruel paleontological and leisure park will begin the nineteenth season on March 16th with the renewal of the T-Rex Show, as the main novelty, a new show that was presented with a lighting system, sound and video mapping as main attraction. The show takes advantage of existing facilities and the animatronic tyrannosaurus, introducing some improvements and especially betting on lighting and projection of images on a surface of more than 300 square meters that recreates the world of dinosaurs.

With the management of the theater company Viridiana and an investment of 113,165.48 euros financed through the Fite, the project is part of the actions included in the improvement and expansion plan of the park. It has also incorporated a soundtrack of 16 minutes that frames the fiction and has improved the sound.

The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports of the Government of Aragon and president of Dinópolis, Mayte Pérez, highlighted the quality of the show that allows «to combine the technology of the 21st century to explain what happened millions of years ago». He announced that the urbanization project of the expansion area of ​​the first phase of this plan will be tendered this March.

«The administrative process is very complex,» he said, and «the procedures are too long» to carry out this expansion, but he has said that the work has been constant. The park closed last season with record figures, said the Counselor.