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Going Investment, S.A. was launched in 1998 by a group of professionals who not only contributed capital, but more importantly strong management skills earned through extensive industry exposure within a multinational environment.

Going Investment Gestión, S.G.E.C.R., the fund management unit, was authorized to operate in March 2004 by the Spanish Ministry of Economy as per the recommendation from the Spanish Stock Exchange Regulatory Authority (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores or C.N.M.V.), formally constituted in April 2004 and registered in the Spanish Venture Capital registry of the C.N.M.V. in May 2004.

Going currently manages €60 million allocated through various funds held by a diversity of investors ranging from financial institutions (both banks and Spanish Savings Banks  or “Cajas”) to institutional investors and private investors with the aim of creating value and superior returns to them.

Going’s founders have always invested in the same proportion as the other private investors.  

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