How do we invest?

Investment procedure


Selection of an investment project from the list of potential opportunities we have access to.



After signing a non-disclosure agreement, we identify and analyse the key elements of the project: management team, business model, competitive positioning, growth potential and profitability.



Project valuation is carried out using several generally accepted methods: discounted cash-flow analysis, comparable company multiple analysis and acquisition analysis as well as other related methodologies related to transaction analysis.


Negotiation and deal - closing

Negotiation of conditions for the acquisition of a stake in the company's equity. The investment procedure is reflected in a set of documents including: memorandum of understanding, deed for share issue and/or equity sale, and shareholders' agreement.


Active company management and monitoring

Assisting the company in the value  creation process by taking an active role in key management areas and, if necessary, providing support to or temporarily replacing management.


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