Carlos Oehling

Carlos Oehling

Carlos Oehling


A graduate of Economics and Business Administration from the University of Zaragoza, Carlos gained an EDP degree (Executive Development Program) in 1997 from the University of Michigan Business School and a Diploma in Business Administration (PADE) in 1999 from IESE (University of Navarra).  

Carlos founded Going Investment  in 1998 with other private investors. He is today an Executive President of Going Investment.




In 1986 he started his professional career in Basel (Switzerland) in the Marketing-Controlling department of the pharmaceutical company Hoffman La Roche. He subsequently worked for Bayer as a controller in Spain until 1989.




It was in 1989 when Carlos joined the general management of Industrias Serva, a Spanish manufacturer of automotive components, with the objective of guiding the company to become the leader in the industry. In 1996 Grupo Serva sold a majority stake to US conglomerate Dana Holding Corporation, at the time the leading manufacturer of automotive components in the USA. For a period of three years, until 1999, Carlos worked as a Senior Manager of Dana, working in the execution of multiple corporate start-ups, M&A deals and restructurings on a global basis as well as becoming an active member of the Strategic Committee.


In 1999, as a result of the prosperous development in the alliance, Dana decided to acquire the remaining shares of Industrias Serva. To an extent, and as a result of the success of this transaction, Carlos had established a year earlier the seeds for what would be the first private equity group in the region of Aragón with Going Investment.   Since the founding of Going Investment in 1998 Carlos has taken part in over 22 investments and exits in companies from different sectors. He has the experience of managing numerous processes involving the creation, recovery and redesigning of growth strategies for companies. Since 1992 he has been a member of over 20 Boards of Directors.









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